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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pretty and Creative ~ Bento Box

It not just a food box, it's about sharing deep within your heart.

What is Bento?

A “bento” in Japan is a pre-made lunch you bring with you at school, work or trip. It’s sort of a box with a complete meal, including sushi or meat, rice, noodles, veggies, dessert etc. As usual, Japanese don’t miss the occasion to be creative in their traditional kawaii way.

Bento is an art form for packing lunches in the Japanese culture.

It's really fun and adorable. I'm planning to get my hands into making these precious FOOD thoughts.

Eat right every time no matter where, how busy or fussy you are.
I think to get my hands down to making my own bento, I have to make sure it's nutritious :)
Protein is a must-have, probably an average amount of carbohydrates. Of course VEGETABLES,
somehow it add on color to the bento. 

To get kick-start with making cute bento, I have to definitely make sure that my equipment are all well prepare. The first step is probably getting a bento box, preferably a pink one which can be easily found in Daiso. Next is to choose brightly colored food items, the bolder and more solid the color, the greater visual impact of the bento, and the more nutritional benefits according to my research. Some white is good too, such as hard-boiled egg  and white rice. Bright color item can be cherry tomato, carrot and chilli!

Packing the foods tightly in order is one key point to make sure your bento look "clean" and not too messsy. It is also to make sure the food doesn't shift within the box. Get some rice to help you in positioning, it works for me. The arrangement have to be made in terms of shape and texture, such as getting awkward shape into the bento first, then to the food that are much more flexible such as vegetables or potato salad. Lastly, fit in the small and sturdy item to "fill in the gap". You can also add on little features like "eyes, nose, dimples or smile" by using cheese, frosting or sauces.

TIP: Try not to mix solid and liquid/runny foods. It will end up becoming soggy and not very appetizing.

Bento made with love is always delicious, xx
Kanny Theng

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