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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Profhilo Review: My Experience at The Clifford Clinic

Profhilo Review – My personal Perspective

Recently one of the most popular skin treatment. Whether it’s online, from friends or postings Profhilo has proved to be one of the most talk about treatments available ever since their launch. Personally I strongly believe it’s because of the result from this treatment. Both online and offline, I heard a lot about it and decided to try it! With that, I decided to go with my trusted aesthetics Doctor - Doctor Gerard Ee from The Clifford Clinic.

It has been written about extensively in the media. Which is where I gather most of the information. I have always been taking good care of my skin and visit The Clifford Clinic  regularly to make sure I keep up with bright and clear skin. But with more fine lines and I can notice some sagging. I came to conclusion that my skin needed a boost. 

The last I did with Doctor Gerard Ee was face threadlift and I love it, so this time round I went ahead with Doctor Ee again as he is my regular skin doctor whom been taking great care of my skin. Ever since I have him to take care of my skin. I get compliments everywhere for I go!

With all that mentioned - I decided to make an appointment to get Profhilo done! Knowing that Profhilo stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. I did considerable research online and found nothing but positive reviews. There is a couple of reviews that describe Profhilo as “injectable moisturiser” which is exactly what I needed.

On the arrival to The Clifford Clinic, I then went ahead to get numbing cream put on my face mostly on my cheeks to cover all five injection points. I was told that the numbing takes about an hour. After waiting patiently, I went ahead and got the treatment done. The whole experience was literally a breeze. Doctor Ee is so smooth with the entire experience. What I love the most about it is absolutely no downtime for me, pain factor 1/10 in exchange for really beautiful skin. All you can see is like “mosquito bite” bumps on each side of my face. It wasn’t pain or uncomfortable. My marks was covered up by my COVID-mandated mask, definitely a great period to get this treatment done 😂

If or unless you look closely you can see the injection sites but nobody else noticed after my treatment on the day I did it. There is a slight lumps around the injected points but went down completely the next day for me,.

I was absolutely happy with the result and the immediate boost. My skin looked plump and hydrated. The good thing about this treatment is my skin has definitely improved. The effect is subtle but noticeable for me. Which was exactly what I wanted.

From my knowledge, Profhilo is recommended to repeat every six months for the best result.

What I love about The Clifford Clinic is when it comes to anything related to my face, I wanted to feel confident that I was in good hands. Doctor Ee has been an aesthetics practitioner for many years and has been a talk about among my artiste friends and you know how important it is for the nature of my job to look good. He offers a very personal and tailored service for everyone, taking time to explain and never rushes me to any treatment. Importantly to me, he is not ignorant despite being extremely busy and one of the highly raved aesthetics clinic.

This is the future, a treatment I highly recommend for giving you the best look you want. The type of healthy radiance and brightened complexion.

My face is lifted after one Profhilo treatment! Especially on the cheek and chin area. The result is really convincing for this treatment. I am grateful to see my cheek LIFTED a day after Profhilo! 

"Profhilo is not a filler but an incredibly effective remodelling injectable for smoothing and tightening the skin. It stimulates collagen production naturally and provides a deep long-lasting hydration giving the skin a glowing natural look. It really is a game-changer!"

Address: 24 Raffles Place, #01-03 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621
Phone : 6532 2400

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

@SkechersSG #kannytheng @ka.te.q.galleria #skechersxhellokitty


 Had the opportunity to work with @skecherssg #kannytheng@artfullyyourssg @ka.te.q.galleria@fayfaytan #skechersxhellokitty for the art installation in the Skechers Store at Jewel Singapore. Grateful for the amazing experience and my pleasure to deliver the hard work up💖

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Rejuran Skin Healer (PDRN) Gave Me Smoother Skin

  Growing old is inevitable – but it doesn’t have to come at the cost of youthful, hydrated and supple skin. If you are starting to see the first signs of crow’s feet and wrinkles appearing on your face, Rejuran Healer / Skin Booster is here to save the day.

I decided to go for to visit Singapore celebrity clinic, The Clifford Clinic to look for Dr Gerard Eeas he believes that non-invasive measures are the most effective and safe method to achieve symmetry and elegance. I wanted a place that provides personalized care that is both efficacious and natural, without compromising safety.

Rejuran Healer is created in South Korea and it is also dubbed the “Skin healer of regeneration and hydration”. The treatment reverse the signs of the natural aging process and years of ultraviolet ray exposure by strengthening the skin’s regeneration capabilities and replenishing its moisture. Having said that, your usual skincare routine is also essential even if you have had this treatment done.

I wanted something to repair the inner part of my skin cells, anti-aging as well as boosting skin hydration so Dr Ee recommended Rejuran Healer (HB). Rejuran HB helps to strengthen the skin’s regeneration ability, provide intense hydration and skin repair.

What is Rejuran Healer?

Rejuran Healer is a skin treatment made of biological molecules called polynucleotides (PN) made from salmon DNA. It is an effective treatment that helps in regeneration of skin by up to 20%. The PN arealso used in hospitals for limb ischemia, impaired wound healing and burn injury. 


There are different types of Rejuran in Singapore, each with its own distinct review. When you visit The Clifford Clinic, let the doctors know what you need during the consultation and they will be able to advise you accordingly. Do you know that Rejuran healer is also a form of depressed acne scar treatment?

Let's move on to the different types of Rejuran Healer:

• Rejuran HB (Hydro Boost)
Rejuran HB helps to strengthen the skin’s regeneration ability, provide intense hydration and skin repair.
• Rejuran I (Eye)
Rejuran I is used to safely reduce wrinkles around the eyes and diminish the appearance of crow’s feet, all while improving skin’s elasticity around the delicate area.
• Rejuran S (Scars)
Rejuran S is designed to treat and improve the appearance of scars (especially depressed and sunken acne scars) by increasing volume around the depressed area to remodel the skin.

Benefits of Rejuran Healer:

• Faster wound healing/ anti-inflammation.
• Improve skin elasticity, hydration
• Reduce fine lines and wrinkles,
• Improving the function of your skin’s barrier
• Normalizing skin
• Improving skin tone and texture

So grateful to share that I found Dr Gerard Ee from The Clifford Clinic! Recently, due to my filming schedule, this treatment really save me a lot of time on masking and skincare. I remember I was so amazed when I look into my reflection one week after the treatment and found my skin glowing and totally baby skin effect. It is recommended to do the treatment 3-4 times every 2-4 weeks. After which, the maintenance recommended is just once every 6-9 months. 


The Cifford Clinic has recently expanded and they are doing plastic surgery as well. If you have any concerns about surgical eye bag removal or facial enhancements such as rhinoplasty, feel free to schedule an appointment with their senior Plastic Surgeon, Dr Timothy Shim.






TEL: 6532 2400 / 8318 6332(WHATSAPP) · 





Monday, August 24, 2020

ILASH SG Winner of best lash serum 2020 | Kanny Theng

Ladyfirstsg Greet and Meet

Pauline Lan
Kanny Theng
Kelly Pan
Candyce Toh

Kanny Theng ARTWORKS - Ka' Te' Q Galleria

Art by: 

Kanny Theng

The Urban Aesthetics beauty emporium

The Urban Aesthetics beauty emporium

Stylist Leslie Yap X Kanny Theng

 At Hair Illustrated, we believe that




We aspire to bring out the best look for every individual, customising our services to their personal preferences and needs. 


From natural, easy-to-manage daily hairstyles to an entire make-over, our specially hand-picked team of highly experienced Korean, Japanese & local Hair Designers will thrive to exceed your expectations.

252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre,

#03-27A, Singapore 179103

Tel: 6264 9952  |  Whatsapp appointment: 8328 9809



Monday, June 15, 2020

Kanny Theng 2020

Have you caught the show?
Justin MISSION / KANNY Theng

狼人杀 新加坡
Kanny Theng

Kanny Theng

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Kanny Theng at The Clinic Clifford Silhouette Thread Lift

Due to the overwhelming enquries on the treatment I did with The Clinic Clifford. I decided to do a blog post to share more information on Silhouette Thread Lift.

What is Silhouette Threadlift?

Aging causes laxity and volume loss in our soft tissues, which results in the visible sagging of skin, deepened nasolabial folds, jowl formation, and overall “droopy” facial appearance. Available in The Clifford Clinic in Singapore, this face thread lift is offered as a less invasive face lifting procedure alternative without the surgical risks and downtime associated with a traditional face lift.
Silhouette Thread Lift involves very fine surgical sutures to be inserted into the soft tissues of the face in order to gently lift and support sagging areas for a more rejuvenated and lifted look. The process helps to reduce jowl formation along the jawline, raise the outer brow area, and reduce sagging in the nasolabial folds and cheeks. Patients will achieve a re-tightening effect which redefines facial contours with a naturally rejuvenated look.
Personal Sharing: Kanny Theng
Currently the only trusted doctor I'll go for will be Dr Gerard EE. After my first experience with him, so many people commented on my skin improvement and I looked so much better on screen. No drastic change of my look just subtle improvement in my overall face shape.
I really love it so much. 

For Women Who Wish To Eliminate Sagging Skin, Lines, or Wrinkles On Your Face… Without Undergoing Surgery

You desperately want to have firmer, and more lifted skin so you can regain your confidence and youth. But you don’t want to go through surgery to get the results you desire.
Photo taken immediately after the treatment
Photo Credit: Kanny Theng

How does the treatment procedure work?
The procedure uses dissolvable threads as a double action effect to reposition the tissue and gradual regeneration of collagen, which helps to restore shapeliness to the face and neck, for a more youthful look. They are placed in the subcutaneous fat layer beneath the skin where the lifting is required, with slight pressure over the treated areas to compress the skin and achieve immediate skin tightening. As the inserted threads have excellent biocompatability and are fully dissolvable by the body, there is no need to remove them. The lifting effect is immediate and discreet due to the compression and elevation of skin once the suture is applied.
It can be used to treat different parts of the face such as lower jaw, cheeks and cheekbones, facial contour, eyebrows and neck. This technique was developed as a safer, minimally invasive and cost-effective way to combat aging and sagging skin. Depending on the lift you desire, 1-4 Silhouette threads may be placed per area. The doctors at The Clifford Clinic in Singapore are highly trained and experienced to carry out this face thread lift procedure with the proper insertion techniques so you can benefit from its efficacy and achieve your desired look.

The Result is something I love! If you want to eliminate sagging skin, aging lines, or wrinkles, without going through surgery, then our Silhouette Thread Lift treatment was made for you. 
Day 2 after treatment
Photo Credit: Kanny Theng
If you want to eliminate sagging skin without going through surgery, then the Silhouette Thread Lift treatment was made for you. It is a treatment suitable for all skin types, with immediate lifting of the face and natural-looking results. Looking like yourself is my goal for any treatment I try with Dr Gerard EE, but with firmer skin as your aging lines and wrinkles will diminish. It gives an age-reversing effect so you will look younger and more refreshed. The result is also followed by gradual collagen regeneration over the next 3 to 6 months to improve fine lines, facial contours and skin texture, giving your skin more elasticity.

Photo Credit: Kanny Theng

Skin is lifted, glowing all naturally after the treatment.

The most common question. How long does the procedure take? Is it painful?

It takes about one hour to complete, and is done under local anaesthesia in a comfortable environment. Pain is minimal, as it does not involve any cutting of the skin.

You can see it in my face I am in comfort.

The main reason duration of results varies with individuals. In general, I experience a firmer, more youthful looking appearance. I was told it can last for 1 to 2 years. If necessary, a simple re-tightening procedure can help to extend and maintain your new appearance even longer.

Call them today at (65) 6532 2400, Whatsapp at (65) 8318 6332 or email at to book an appointment or enquire on any of their cosmetic services and treatments.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Kanny Theng Hosting Shows

Largest Education Kids' Fair
Photo Credit: Kanny Theng
Smartkids Asia
Kanny Theng

National Day Celebration
National Day

Chinatown Mooncake Festival Community 
Photo Credit: Kanny Theng
Community bonding with old folks

Fox Factor Model Search
Spotted in the middle with all the kids

NIVEA Skincare
Kanny Theng
Nivea Beauty
Photo Credit: Kanny Theng