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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Change of Name

Dearest all, you might have noticed that I have changed my chinese name. Not literally change as Ling En is a 艺名 at the beginning of my career path. I am officially a freelancer now :) so I decided that I will no longer use it anymore. And will now use back my own chinese name with my actual Surname. It will be easier for me and everyone around me. Now people can stop checking out if anyone have the surname as 伶 xoxo
大家可能注意到我把华语名给换了。伶恩♡其实是我刚出道的艺名。近来决定把这艺名给留下。用上自己的本名。这样一来也方便点。很多时候很多人都会问我, 姓 伶 吗。我都 errr 了一会儿。现在骄傲勇敢的回答 我是姓 邓 的!

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