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Monday, November 26, 2012

Customized Cakes - Cakefuntasie

I shall make a big claim on the BEST Customized Cakes in Singapore for Cakefuntasie.
Have you ever eaten a cake that is amazingly design and comes with a headlight?
Something that taste like heaven and looks extremely attractive.

They make playable cake, they are talented!!!

Here's what I got from them, a magical moment with the cake.

Here are some other design that look amazing.

  • Custom Design Cake
  • Sketch of design before confirmation
  • Size 6", 8" and 10" Tiers
  • ~ 7kg, serves ~70 people
  • Delivery Charges
  • Free Tasting
  • Selection of over 10 cake flavours from menu
  • Different flavours for each tier
  • 20% Discount for Wedding Favours

    Other than cakes, cakefuntasie also offers CUPCAKE.

    Taste like really good!

    I think I am not just the only happy customer they have afterall.
    My claimed is made alive!
    Reviews by MANY loving customer.
    Khairul - 17th November 2012YOU GUYS ARE FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much!! The cake is amazing!!! I'll definitely promote your services as much as I can on all social media platforms.

    Colin - 14th November 2012Hi Sheryl,
    Just wanna say Thank you. My girlfriend receive the cake today, it was delicious and nicely done. =)

    Sze Qian -3rd November 2012Hi Sheryl,
    thanks for the awesome cake, the chocolate fudge brownie inside was awesome.
    my sis was satisfied with the cake, better than i expected.
    thank you so much for everything, :)

    Kanny - 31st October 2012Dearest, the whole family is extremely amazed with the cake. I am so grateful for the skills you have. Never know a delicious cake come so beautifully done. You should be more known and appreciate by more people. Love xoxo, Kanny
    Claudia - 25th October 2012Hi,Thanks so much for the cake, it was amazing, very nicely designed, definitely will come again! It tasted alot like fudge brownies, very yummy. Thanks to much!
    Jowinee - 20th October 2012Hi Sheryl,
    It was such an amazing cake and everyone was so excited about it. Also, the taste was so satisfying. Thank you so much. I've passed the word around and given your contact to those who there that day.
    Thanks for the cake. It was the highlight that night.

    Melissa - 19th October 2012Hi! I really love the cake. My guests keep taking photos of the cake and some even told me it's the best fondant cake they ever had. Thank you for making my 21st great. thank you!
    Jocelyn - 19th October 2012Hi Sheryl,
    I like the lace design at the side of the cake! As for the flavour, it was abit hard instead if chewy perhaps due to not defrosting enough before I cut the cake? Anyway overall I'm satisfied with the cake.

    Jasmine - 19th October 2012Hey,
    The design was really cute, however we can't eat any of the designs as it was made of sugar.
    The cake dint really have much taste. It was quite tasteless. I'm sorry.
    For the design, it would be better if it was cream? Haha but the design was well done! My boyfriend really liked the design.

    Magdalene - 13th October 2012Hi Sheryl! Thanks for your effort! The cake is really pretty and awesome! But I've got some feedback that its quite dry. But still, thanks alot! ;)
    Shu Jun - 6th October 2012Hi SherylLove the cake. Everyone is very amazed by how real it is.
    The interior of the cake tasted nice too though some found the chocolate too rich
    Overall it's good
    Thks for it Sheryl

    Jasmine - 30th September 2012We are very impressed by it. Well done. But the cake taste a bit salty.
    Siti - 29th September 2012Thank you for making my man's birthday an extra special one! The cake tasted good too!!
    May - 22nd September 2012Hi Sheryl
    Thanks for the cake.
    [The structure] didn't collapse during the event but was eventually ripped off when we wanted to bring back to keep it, haha.....
    It was unique.

    Miaoqin - 20th September 2012Hi! The design was fabulous! But the guest was saying the cake is too sweet!
    Jayanthi - 15th September 2012Hi sheryl!
    Thank you for the cake! Everyone loved it! Will be looking forward in ordering customized cake from you again! :)

    Ekyn - 9th September 2012yup...nice... the birthday boys love it so much... thanks...
    Charmaine - 8th September 2012Hi Sheryl,
    My guests really liked the cake! both looks and taste wise. my husband and i thought the cake was very good too. we actually had another cake from someone else the week before - fondant as well - but we thought that was too sweet and yours was certainly better! my guests were asking where i got the cake from so i did recommend you to them. Have some photos but no chance to upload yet - will tag cakefuntasie when i do!

    Eugene - 8th September 2012Hi sheryl! The cake was awesome. Everyone loves it. But I don't know if anyone ate it because it was so beautiful.
    Emily - 4th September 2012Hi Sheryl,
    The cake was up to my expectation :) :)

    Jean - 2nd/4th September 2012We have tried the cupcakes and were were not very satisfied with the taste although the appearance looks acceptable. Hopefully the cake would taste better. Yes, they were definitely better than the cupcakes.
    Margaret - 28th August 2012Hi Sheryl. Just wanted to say tat d cookie monster cake is so so so beautiful! N d cake is yummy! Thank u so much! Margaret
    May - 25th August 2012Hi Sheryl
    My friend & I are very happy with the cake! It's delicious and all my guests love it, they say it's not very sweet & the taste is very unique.

    Gina - 25th August 2012Very nicely decorated! Thanks!
    Vanessa - 23rd August 2012Also I wanted to thank you for doing the cake, it was very lovely and I appreciate your effort! My sister loved it a lot.
    I've attached a few pictures of the birthday tonight for you to see the effect of your artwork =)

    Nicole - 19th August 2012Hi Sheryl,
    My boss loved the gold cake! It was great, thank you so much. Love the gold colour! :)

    Nelson - 19th August 2012Hi Sheryl,
    The cake Taste fantastic but the design is not as fine as i thought it will be. there is a few rough edges.
    But overall i like it a lot so does all the people who ate the cake including the birthday girl.
    Thanks a lot.

    Irish - 18th August 2012Hi Sheryl,
    It was AWESOME! Thank you very much!
    Not only did it look great but everyone loved
    The taste.. :) again thank you and i would
    Highly recommend your cakes to friends!

    Roy - 5th August 2012Hi Sheryl,
    The cake was great! Just how I imagined and expected it to be. Thanks for the great cake!!

    Evangeline - 1st August 2012Hi Sheryl,
    Just want to thank you guys for making such a fab cake for my godson, he loved it!! I saw pictures of it and thought it looks amazing. We are all very very pleased!
    Will definitely recommend you to friends and family!

    Trevor - 28th July 2012Hi Sheryl,
    Thanks for contacting me! It was a huge hit! Everyone loved the design and the taste. You made me look very good for my wife's birthday :) cheers!

    Jheneffer - 21st July 2012Hi Sheryl,
    Sorry for not replying... Become so busy..
    Anyway, I really like the taste of the cake and the design was so nice my fiancé love it :)
    My visitors was also impressed and they like the chewy chocolate flavour
    Thank you so much.
    By the way do you have a close up picture of the cake? Hihihi

    Jerlyn - 21st July 2012Hi Shery,Is family and friend love it alot thanks=)

    Find them at:
    Blk 330 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1

    #01-1815, 560330

    or email to
    Call/sms at 6281 3081/ 9773 7411

    They have so many other design you can view them on

    Last but not least their service is GREAT!

    The lady I liaised with is so patience and responds really fast.

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