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Friday, June 8, 2012


Evoke into the magical world of  Majolica Majorca 

6 potential candidates from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines
were chosen for a beautiful dream that they hope to fulfil. Coming together from all walks of life,
all 6 candidates arrived in the birth land of Majolica Majorca where they received days of
intensive training from Master Evangelist, Sawako Yuri.

The Evangelist Event
The Magic School!!

Previously we had a program organized by Majolica Majorca on a exclusive chance to be trained professionally in Make up and to showcase the work over the regional platform to showcase the work.

Dated on the 17 April in Tokyo, Japan
Majolica Majorca Evangelist Training

Evangelists from 6 different countries with Marketing Director.
We are so proud to have Huirong's to represent us from Singapore for this amazing event.

Huirong's in Hongkong with the Models.
The Make up colour used on the Models are all from the NEW Launch 
Chapter 34!! 

Using the new candiedPsychedelicious colors

Read on to find out moreabout this pretty, candilicious collection.

Huirongin Hongkong with the Models.
TheMake up colour used on the Models are all from the NEW Launch 

Don’t you think that Huirong did an awesome job for the makeup of thismodel?

The Evangelist event is definitely a very interesting and fruitful eventwhich I am sure all you make up fanatics will be interested to know more about!

It is well-known that Majolica Majorca brings everyone into the world ofmagic and creativity through this event from people around Asia. Combining thedifferent styles and characteristics of every individual’s way ofmake up using the same products, this truly showcases how MJ enables youto bring out a unique part of you!

Here are more photos from the Evangelist Event in HK

Candilicious make up,coupled with cute round Harry Potter spectacles for all guests.

 There’s Huirong demonstrating how to use the latest Brow Coloristfrom Chapter 34.

The Master Evangelist, Yuri-San was demonstrating how to create theChapter 34 look.

A group picture of the Evangelists and their models!

Here’s a picture of our Singapore Evangelist, Huirong and her model.

Popping Shower Powder from Chapter 34!

Isn’t her makeup enchanting and candilicious?

You can check out more from HUIRONG’S BLOG for more of her insights and updates of her trip in Japan and Hong Kong


In a different world, full of bright giddy shining colors,
fresh light colors such as yellow, blue and green are blooming everywhere.
Play around with colours by coloring brows and lashes to match your hair.
Add colour to the eye corners for a 3D double shadow effect for beautiful eyes.

Blend colours smoothly and be beautifully transformed.
Refreshing lips are created by applying a touch vivid color. Hues of boring monotone are concealed.
In a kaleidoscope of colours, get swirly whirly with nail colors in fancy neon.
Stay fresh this summer with sparkling body powder that keeps skin silky smooth.

I was specially invited to Fullhouse at Rendezvous Hotel fora day of CANDILICIOUS and PSYCHEDELICIOUS fun with makeup.



We are extremely excited by the LAUNCH OF THE NEW CHAPTER 34 PRODUCTS!!

Here’sa picture of the beautiful candy store layout!

Chapter 34 is one of my personal favorite! 
Be it the colors,sense, or sight
It meets allyour needs for the SUMMER this year!!

The Chapter 34 makeup all laid out on acake tray!

Charmian gave apresentation on the Evangelist Event to take us through the journey of thethat Huirong went through.

Makeup demo by theprofessional makeup artist!




I love theglossy finish and brown does make your eyes appear sexier and yet remainsubtle. -Kanny on Lash King Majolica Majorca Chapter 34

Maroon Brown & VanillaBrown

Colour your brow and lashes brown to match your hair colour and makeup!
• A single stroke will brighten and color your brow and lashes instantly
• It doesn’t clump and achieves a fluffy finish
• Waterproof resist sweat, sebum and tear – contains water proof polymer
• Contains vitamin E derivative and Macadamia nuts oil, treatment ingredient
that cares for your brows and lashes. Contains arginine, a hair repairing ingredient
• Colors appropriate amount on brows and lashes.

As eyebrow liner
• As an eyebrow liner: start from the root and motion towards the tips
• Use this product last if it is combined with a pencil-type or powder-type eyebrow.

As mascara
• Move the brush sideways in a zigzag motion. Work from the base of the lash
and move upwards to get mascara all the way to the ends
• Use this product alone or layer over your mascara
• Use an oil-based eye makeup remover to remove. Thoroughly work the
remover into your lashes and wipe off gently. Do not rub.


• Draw dense, high-impact lines effortlessly in a
gliding touch without dragging on the skin.
• Lines drawn are as sharp as lines drawn with liquid eyeliner
and waterproof formulation making it possible to last for hour
• The brown colour contains gold pearl particles with helps to
achieve a soft and sophisticated look

CherryMacaroon & Raspberry Macaroon

Enjoy patting with this puff!

Ever since the launch of Puff de Cheek, life get so much easier when it comes to blushes touch-up!
One the prettiest and most convenient blushes you can find in the world of Makeup. -Kanny

A lightly tinted colored pop blush
• Its easy to achieve round, soft cheeks with this puff.
• Gives a bright finish which lasts long and no dullness over time
• Contains skin treatment property: Macadamia nut oil
• Product includes a skin-friendly puff



Rich lip gloss in melting honey gloss candy colour for voluminous lips

• A lip gloss for voluminous lips brimming
with moisture and a honey-like gloss.
• A rich, thick gloss and radiance that will last for hours

– formulated with Glass Shine Pearls
• Achieves dewy lips
• Formulated with Royal Honey EX
• Tube with slanted tip for beautifully defined lip contours

Artistic Nails



Glistening gloss

This quick-dry nail enamel paints a vivid, pop, candy colour
With just a single stroke, this quick-dry nail enamel achieves a
glistening gloss and a beautiful colour.

PoppingShower Powder

This is one product you must go grab from the store FAST 

before it's gone!!!

Recommended to useit on your feet or cleavage.

It can also be used over the stockings.

It's shining and comes in powder form!

I LOVE the sweetsmell of Majoromantica F in this can of powder!!

Beatthe summer heat! Get fresh sparkling body with popping sweet aroma
•Body powder instantly makes skin silky smooth upon application
•Achieves soft smooth skin without making skin white
•Contains sebum catching powder and clear white powder
•Shiny fine pearls gives sparkles to the skin
• Sweet romantic fragrance of Majoromantica F
•Contains rosehip oil, a moisturizing ingredient

How to use

• Dry out water or sweat before using
• Take up appropriate amount of powder and blend withboth palms.
Glide over décolleté, arm and legs
• Can be sprinkled over stocking to keep legs dry andsmooth.
You will see less sparkles of white pearl.

You cannot miss the products fromChapter 34!

Be prepared to grab them NOW!!!

Here’sa piece of good news for my readers! Majolica Majorca is having a special GIVEAWAY!

Here’s your chance to WIN ANEXCLUSIVE KIT SPECIALLY CREATED FOR CHAPTER 34, and it comes with an exclusiveMJ pen and notebook! All you’ve got to do is click on this LINK to answer somesimple questions. Upon submitting your answers, you’d automatically stand achance to win that exclusive press kit! 

Note that the giveawaycloses at 12am on 21st Jun. Byliking the Majolica Majorca facebook page, you can double your chances ofwinning. Winners will be announced through Majolica Majorca Singapore FB andemail before 25 Jun 2012.

So, click that like buttonon Majolica Majorca Singapore’s facebook pagenow!

Kanny Theng

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