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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Arteastiq (Mandarin Gallery)

Arteastiq (Mandarin Gallery)

Interesting and fun-loving activity with the ladies on A Good Friday. Chill, soothing and sweet celebration is what we had on Friday. We had this plan for a really long time and finally the day. We met up for breakfast at Pique Nique. 
Mac and Cheese

My choice~Classic Benedict 

Must-have Hot Iron Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream and banana

Gorgeous background made this photo even better than perfect.

Before the painting session, I have really no idea what to draw, in fact I haven't even think about anything at all.
At Arteastiq!


I didn't know what I was drawing, this came out in the most abstract world of mine.

Kanny's owl

Her wall e love story
My Painting

Kanny Theng

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