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Thursday, January 5, 2017


Going with no make up and complete bared face is one of the goal in my ladies wish list,
who doesn't want a baby smooth skin all year round. That is why, skincare product we used is very crucial. Everyone out there is constantly looking out for the best suitable skin care product for them.

So today, I’m glad to be sharing with you readers another good experience with one of the most reputable product in the market using high quality ingredient.

I went for the media conference and learnt so much about Christian Breton and their strong passion in their product creation.

Skin Survival + 

Skin Survival +™ bridges the evolution gap between your skin’s natural defences and the demands of nowadays environment. Skin Survival +™ has been created to be your skin's 24 hour defense against the abuse of the elements and dryness. Drenching your skin with life-essential hydration, protecting skin from environmental stressors, this state-of-the-art cream improve resiliency and radiance. Exclusive Skin Survival +™ moisturizes the skin so that the complexion looks revitalized, skin looks amazingly beautiful.

Non-stop radiance!

Skin Survival +™ bridges the gap between your skin’s natural defences and the demanding modern-day environment. This product has been created to be a 24 hour defence for your skin against the elements (UV, stress, etc) and dryness.

Exclusive Skin Survival+™ moisturises the skin so that the complexion looks revitalised, the skin looks amazingly beautiful. Day after day, it performs with the efficiency needed to keep skin looking and feeling absolutely amazing all day.

Product Rating: 9/10

Another product I tried from them is this Eye Care Anti Fatigue. Christian Breton is widely known for their eye care products.

This is also why I have to try their eye care product for sure, as aging around the eye area is getting more obvious. A good eye care product is something I really need now.

This gel offers unparalleled relaxing care while revitalising delicate eyelids. The non-oily and cool gel penetrates quickly whilst delivering long-lasting benefits. Perfect for keen internet users and people who wake up early or go to bed late….

With its plant extracts, this gel:

  • reduces under-eye puffiness and dark circles
  • decongests and calms the delicate eyelid area
  • helps reduce fine lines
Paraben-free formula.

I especially adore the texture of this gel, lightweight yet moisturizing. The ingredient in this product is safe and high end. Most importantly, is the long lasting benefits for the skin around the eyes.

Product Rating: 9/10

And again, Thank you Christian Breton for bringing this amazing products to me.
It’s a brand that is definitely worth a try. So far I’ve yet to be disappointed with their products.

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