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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2017 New Year Movie Take 2 遇见贵人

Humbly present to you my movie next year 2017 

各位俊男美女,明年的贺岁片 ,@ivanhoyc 处女作 @jackneock 监制 由 @ryanlianyy @gadrickchin@originalmaxi 还有我主演 #take2 #遇见贵人 1月24日 2017 富贵登场 先请你的乡亲父老亲戚朋友同事同窗们看看预告片,先爽一下:

Ladies and Gentlemen, humbly presenting our upcoming movie. It will be launch on the Jan 24th 2017 directed by Ivan Ho, produced by Jack Neo, starring Ryan Lian, Wang Lei, Maxi Lim, Gadrick and myself. #take2themovie. Teaser is up. Look forward to everyone sharing it. #ryanlian#gadrickchin #maxilim #kannytheng#wanglei #jteam

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