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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Taiwan 2011

The last time I was in taiwan was about at least 4-5years ago.

here are all the random photos I manage to snap and squeezes in between work.

Working for good in Taiwan may not be possible for me at the moment. 

Back in taiwan this time round, I realized I have changed and grew up a lot.

perfect gift venue to my beloved ladies

impromtu authentic domo merchandise

A little gift from the local

Working in the entertainment business, 
almost 90% of us are into the believe of prayer.
So temple visiting in Taiwan is a must.

This is GOOD!

The Convention I used to work in Taiwan is very near to Taipei 101

Hanging out alone, this shall be the best companion in your lifetime.

Apartment in Taiwan

Can you believe it, it was all for Xiao Ding Dang.

I have a whole piece of hello kitty in my mouth 
because I insist of taking kitty before ding dang.
Coz kitty is older?
ok I know lame joke...



LOOK who I found in Taiwan!

Kanny Theng SATO CHAN

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