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Monday, July 4, 2011

Red Numbers 电影《红字》

首次拍电影。。感言谈到这次拍电影有点紧张,和以往不一样考验。。在最新电影《红字》中, 我试验高家里的高恩恩。。电影杀青了,感谢监制和好多重要的人。。
I did a local movie recently, it's a dark comedy.
RED NUMBERS is a Mandarin language dark comedy that follows an underdog’s fight against destiny, as he races against a hodgepodge of friends and foes, to uncover the winning lottery number that can bring him unimaginable riches. He learns along the way, the path to true happiness.

Sugie is acting as my bf! hahahaa interesting story line.
Kanny Theng
Kanny Theng

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