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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Majolica Majorca Chapter 31 Fake Sleeping

 Weeks ago, I received a very creative invite to the Majolica Majorca New Chapter Launch.
the lil joyous surprise collection✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿

The Story of Chapter 31 Fake Sleeping
the long awakening
forest flowers and fruits scent of euphoria 

as the night falls, the thorns begin to whisper,  "Right now! What a suspense!"
as she open her eyes her lashes rise up like a climbing vine.
her sparkle seeks the darkness and darkness embraces her sparkle.
before long her moist eyes begin to tell a tale.
the prince embraces princess aurora sparkle and she awoke with her sparkling eyes that dazzle him.

Arrival at the Wanderlust Hotel.
Pleasant Surprise about the venue MJ team picked this time round.
They are stunning creative bunch of princesses.

 Can you tell that this is actually a Suite Room.

 Kanny Theng

Nadia Nadnut

 Nadia and Audrey
 Feli, our bride to be! and ME

Kanny and Audrey

That's a beauty behind the while tissue.......

 Kanny and Junying

Sharing the same BED!

In Blue and Pink

Big teary eyes with sparkles allow your eyes to shine like a princess. The clear gel base texture brings out the blue or pink sparkles up.

The thin brush applicator allows you to either add sparks to the tips of your eyelashes or the inner corner of your eyes for a more dewy and sweet look.

 Home sweet Home with the new Chapter Makeup on!


 Majoromantica F
 Fragrance of Fruity Forest

Sweet and fruity aroma of forest, red fruits, blooming flowers and maple syrup.

Top note: Fruity

Middle note: Herbal and Floral
Rose> Jasmine> Chamomile>Clary Sage>Sweet Pea

Base note: Sweet and Romantic

The scent of the fragrance is slightly less sweeter than the one in chapter 29.
I suggest you can use this in the day while the other in the evening.

Unique applicator that is different from other fragrance.

The Majoromantica F fragrance comes with the spatula instead of the spray because the fragrance is slightly thicker than water, more to gel water type.

The colour of the fragrance is pinkish.


Longer Lashes!

Natural looking lashes with an eyeliner effect.
Treat & enhances lashes!
*Vitamin E derivative
* Macadamia Nut Oil
-Waterproof, resistant to perspiration, skin oils & tears!

Trying it on!


All the products above will be available at Watson Stores on the 9th June 2011!!

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