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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The most inspiring weight loss stories of 2010 by asiaoneHealth

For many, losing weight can seem to be an insurmountable task.
Watching one's diet seems too difficult, given the many temptations that abound - food blogs, food reviews and advertisements all around you tempt you with glossy images of delicious (and fatty, high-calorie) foods.
Exercise also seems to be an impossible feat. The typical Singaporean worker wakes up early, rushes to work, ends work late and has barely enough time to catch up with friends and family, let alone make time for exercise.

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However, exercise and healthy eating are the best ways to lose weight. Medical experts decry fad diets and pills that promise one quick and easy weight loss as they can harm the body. In fact, yo-yo dieting has even been shown to alter the brain's response to stress, making it easier for the body to gain weight in future (read more). In the past year, a number of inspiring accounts of people who have lost weight the healthy way have been featured on AsiaOne Health. Harriet Jenkins's amazing 90kg weight loss, Brian Ang's 20kg drop within four months, Mohammad Hafiz Amat's steady progress down the weighing scales and Carol Lian's epiphany on how to achieve her trim figure are proof that normal, everyday people can achieve the weight they desire through persistence, hard work - and no dangerous drugs or supplements.
We hope their success stories will inspire you to a healthier, trimmer and fitter you in the New Year.

Most inspiring weight loss success stories:


Woman lost over 90kg in just 18 months
Harriet Jenkins went from 165kg to 73kg by adhering to a diet plan and going to the gym regularly.

'I did everything which promised me a short cut to weight loss'
Carol has finally achieved her dream weight of 48.5kg, but not with the help of slimming products.

"How I lost 20kg in four months"
"I hope my journey - with its trials, triumphs, and even failures - will inspire you to persevere in your personal quest."

Man loses 75kg in 14 months
Now, he works as a fitness instructor and hopes to inspire others to follow in his footsteps.

Asia's Biggest Loser lost 67kg
Once a couch potato who used to spend six to 18 hours playing computer games, he now hits the gym instead.

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