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Sunday, April 22, 2012

What are Emotion?

Owl And You
This week went through really fast, in fact the whole year.

What are emotion? 
Something that runs in any human and even the animal.

A natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

Does emotion have to be about someone you care? 

Emotion relates to your horoscope and character?

There are advantages to having emotions. Without emotions, we would react spontaneously and robotically to events around us. With emotions, situations have meaning, there is a lull as new information is assessed and evaluated in relation to our past experiences, our ambitions and desires. 

Emotions are crucial to learning and memory: positive emotions motivate us toward rewarding situations and resources, negative emotions avert us from harm and distress. Emotions also prepare our bodies internally for the action we need to take to maintain our goals and desires. Facing a mugger with a knife, fear sends blood rushing to our limbs in preparation for taking flight. On stage, addressing a crowd, adrenaline races through our veins enhancing our performance and speeding our thoughts.
Emotions also serve a social function. 

Our facial expression, our tone of voice, even our body language, convey to others something of what we are thinking and feeling.

My new toy

I drew this with a Samsung Galaxy Note.

Emotions are generally under control

People often speak as if we are slaves to our emotions, slaves to uncontrollable rage and unbridled passions. But in reality, most visible displays of emotion are not entirely beyond our control. In fact one purpose of the ‘feeling’ aspect of emotion is to inform us about our own outward emotional expression so that we might alter it according to our goals or conform with social norms.


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