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Wednesday, February 1, 2012



♥♥Majolica Majorca Chapter 33♥♥

マジョリカ マジョルカ 2012

This chapter is a HIGHLY ANTICIPATED RELEASE for me and most of the girls because it is 
specially brought forward by a completely new team for MJ's marketing. I was very excited
about the event and of course the products that will be launched!


So now! Check out the photos of the astonishing Majolica Majorca Chapter 33 inspired by the Joker xx 


Are you ready to dig into the world of a girl with wild cards?

Chapter 33
A Girl with Wild Cards

She blushes her cheeks with shame.

Her lips are as red as ripen fruit.

The way she looks at others with

breathtakingly big eyes.

She knows the trick to get them crazy

and make them fall in love.

Yes, she is the protean joker who has all the wild cards of love.

The invitation sent out to me this time was an invitation to the Joker's Den.

I was given chips to gamble! For REAL!

Kanny Theng and Nadnut Chips in Hand!

When we arrived, we were greeted with princessy Antoinette delicacies, splendid!

And look at the magnificent decorations symbolizing MJ’s majestic royalty!

Welcome to the Joker’s Den!

Majestic King’s throne

Pearl necklaces and glittery gems

Excited with our gambling chips, we started our ‘gambling’ session in the Joker’s Den!

Joker Den’s 1st Round - Big Lash Small Cash

Lash King?

Joker Den’s 2nd Round - Blood Jack

If both cards are ‘Blood On’, you’ll win the wild cards of loveee

Joker Den’s 3rd Round: Majo-romantica

We have a gorgeous lovely bunny friend that night! She is smart and pretty! Xx

The first time we have Kailing to do the presentation for us ^_^ NICE!


Ready to meet with more girls with the wild cards? (●*∩_∩*●)

Audrey, Kanny and Nadia

Here we have Hosanna with us!


K for King and K for KANNY!!!

Chapter 33 event was more than just the Joker’s Den!
We even had a surprise magician to teach us poker card tricks :D

Mr. Magician with his magical poker cards

Nadnut learning the magical tricks

The magician trying to mesmerize Audrey!

The poker night!

The Moment you're waiting for!!!

New PRODUCTS Launched!!! 

Spring 2012 Trend

RED Lips, defined yet simple eye makeup with emphasizes on lashes

LASH KING - $25.90
An all new mascara you can't do without this Spring 2012!

The King of All Kings

Being an expert in Mascara for Majolica, this is one of the most AMAZING mascara ever!

with 5mm of super long fibers, new acrobat Catch Brush has a two way spiral comb with emphasis on the middle lash while separating side lashes, making ur lashes look as good as putting on falsies!

Acrobat Catch Brush

King amongst the rest - Experimental survey done to show the ultimate mascara effects of Lash King

Broad-toothed comb helps to apply mascara liquid perfectly along the roots creating an eyeliner effect.

Contains volume up powder and volume impact wax which attaches onto lashes.

It has speedy dry oil which maintains a long lasting curl.

Contains Vitamins E derivative and macadamia nut oil. CARES, FIRMS and TREATS Your lashes!

Waterproof, resistant to sweat, sebum and tears - what's more can we ask in this perfect KING mascara!



BLOOD ON - $17.50 (Limited Edition)
Lip and Cheek Tint

This is my favorite product in this new chapter apart from the mascara since this is Limited Edition.

New paste-type texture creates a ruddy glow on your cheeks and lips!
Natural rosy cheek and lip is the key to a pretty girl!

Can be used as a base before applying cheek, lip colour or gloss to achieve radiant reddish glow.
It keeps your colour stay longer!

Fits tightly onto the skin and lips, looking natural over layers.

Blends well into skin without feeling sticky.

Take an appropriate amount and apply on cheeks and lips with a patting motion.

Use it as a cheek colour or half matte textured lip colour.

Use it as a base to achieve a brighter tone, before applying on cheek, lip and gloss.

Blood On

How can you do without a sense of smell when you look almost close to perfection...

Majoromantica J - $25.90 (Limited Edtion)

In this Chapter, a floral and oriental fragrance brings out a girl dual personality, cute and grown up is the best anyone can get from a girl...


It comes in 3 different pleasant flavors
Top note: Fruity x Spicy
Middle note: Floral x Milky
Last note: Sweet x Mysterious

Blends well into skin with delightful fragrance, floral and oriental fragrance brings out a girls dual personality (cute and grown up), spatula allows easy application onto skin

Watch for something magical!
Close the cap tightly and shake or spin the bottle lightly, you will see pearly glitter magic fluttering in the bottle.. then Make A Wish!

It is very handy and easy to carry around, you would smell and look perfect the whole of this coming Spring Season!

Hurry now and grab them in Watsons from 02 Feb onwards!
Especially on the limited edition products! Don't miss it, affordable and precious!

And lucky you! Check out Majolica Majorca's facebook to win a limited edition press kit from Majolica Majorca!!!

Like it now so you don’t miss out on their promotional activities!

My Chapter 33 LOOK! xxD

Kanny Theng

Kanny Theng

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