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Thursday, January 27, 2011

HOMECOMING 《笑着回家》 首映会

"HOMECOMING" tells a series of stories about family and what it means to go home. It will capture the essence of the warmth and the sense of tradition for people celebrating the idea of coming together for a once a year. The characters, and their families in the stories, come from a diverse range of generations, races and social backgrounds. The movie stars 李国煌 Mark Lee, 梁志强 Jack Neo, 阿牛 A Niu, Afdlin Shauki, 郑秀珍 Jacelyn Tay, 黄文鸿 Huang Wenhong, 林惠玲 Rebecca Lim, 高艺 Koe Yeet.

全喜叔和 Kanny Theng 伶恩
 Kanny Theng 伶恩 与好友合照

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Photos Credit: Estelle Kiora
 全喜叔和Kanny Theng 伶恩

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